Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Birthday, America!


Welcome to Southwest Florida EcoTours and Events

Naples, Florida, June 4, 2013/Press Release/ — Southwest Florida EcoTours and Events announces that the company has recently been restructured with the main emphasis on ecotourism events and event planning. The company—located in Naples, Florida—is a locally owned family business and it has been a Florida corporation since June 2006. Southwest Florida EcoTours and Events specializes in all categories of group ecotourism and event planning for business conferences, corporate events, large private groups, schools, weddings, and vacation bus tours. The company provides unrivaled personal service from the initial concept to the final event.

Companies often seek to organize large events outside the office environment, whether to attract potential clients, entertain and reward their own employees, or foster more cooperation among employees and vendors. Southwest Florida EcoTours and Events recognizes this need, and its offsite events comprise a large portion of its services. Recent organized events facilitated by the company include Everglades ecotourism, airboat rides both in freshwater and saltwater, lunch and dinner cruises on area waters aboard a luxury yacht, historical tours, sailing trips, kayak tours, bicycle tours, archaeological tours, and other customized venues

Southwest Florida EcoTours and Events provides company and large group tours of the Everglades and the surrounding area. One of its most popular events is to take company groups deep into the Everglades, providing airboat rides into the back country. In addition, groups have enjoyed a delicious southern style lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Ten Thousand Islands.

Southwest Florida EcoTours and Events is able to organize offsite transportation ranging from mini-buses to large, European-style motorcoaches for its groups.

Company naturalists have four-year university academic degrees, are University of Florida certified Florida Master Naturalists, and are licensed locally as guides. All of its tours are professionally narrated and emphasize the educational aspects of the area.

Southwest Florida EcoTours and Events utilizes area experts to organize all types of parties and festivities, guaranteeing personal service and cost savings for the client. Catering, music, and offsite locations help create the ideal event.

Southwest Florida EcoTours is bonded, insured, and licensed in the State of Florida, plus is a registered Florida Seller of Travel.

Southwest Florida EcoTours and Events is a member of the the the Greater Naples Marco Island Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Florida Society of Ethical Ecotourism, the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, and a corporate sponsor for the Southwest Florida Concierge and Guest Services Association.

Southwest Florida EcoTours and Events is the proud recipient of the Paradise Coast Star Award as the Best Strategic Partner for tourism. The company motto is “Let us take you off the beaten path” so that you and your group can experience nature and luxury firsthand in Southwest Florida!

Website: Southwest Florida EcoTours and Events

For more information, contact:

Gregory E. Allard, President and CEO


Four Person Minimum for Everglades Tours

Southwest Florida EcoTours and Events require a four (4) person minimum to schedule a tour due to escalating fuel costs and other economic factors.

If you are booking as a couple or as a single, please call us prior to scheduling your tour to see if the minimum requirement has been met for the date of the tour.

It is advisable to call us or email us ahead of time to make sure we have the minimum number of guests for the Everglades Adventure or the Everglades Half-Day Tour (SPECIAL TOUR).

Please make your reservation no later than 48 hours prior to your tour date, so we can add you to our convenient departure location. Thank you for your cooperation.


Mixing Sunscreen and Bug Spray Lowers Repellent Effectiveness

An Australian study found that applying them at the same time lowered the repellent’s effectiveness. The CDC advises applying sunscreen 20 minutes before you spray. Reapply sunscreen every hour or two, and use bug spray as needed.


Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Birthday, America!


Early Summer

Southwest Florida and the Everglades have experienced a warmer than usual Spring. We are five inches below our average rainfall; however, we have had precipitation earlier than expected. We are more than a month ahead of schedule with blooms, insects, and other factors that usually start in late May to mid-June.

The warm temperatures and the precipitation has started the mosquito season one month earlier than usual. It is advisable to bring insect repellent for yourselves for your upcoming tour. Insect repellent should be sprayed outside in a well ventilated area! Don’t spray insect repellent into your eyes or mouth since this can cause medical problems. We suggest that you bring a strong mosquito repellent, since these seem to work well against the mosquitoes and other biting insects in the Everglades during the warmer months.

Colognes, perfumes, after shave lotion, plus many other aromatic cosmetics and shampoos will attract biting insects so it is not advisable to apply these products on the day of your tour.

There are several gimmicks available such as a contraption that you can attach to your waist that has a small fan and a tiny strip behind the fan with insect repellent on it to keep insects away. Please don’t waste your money on one of these as they don’t work and they are somewhat expensive.

We have other information regarding questions in our FAQ section on our main website. We look forward to meeting you on the day of your upcoming tour.


Happy New Year

We would like to wish all of our friends, associates, and guests a joyous and Happy New Year! Thank you for allowing Southwest Florida EcoTours to take you into the Everglades and show you this remarkable environment.


Season’s Greetings

The staff at Southwest Florida EcoTours wishes you the peace, joy, and love of the season.


Southwest Florida EcoTours is on YouTube!

You can view our “Ecotour Adventures” video showing a brief overview of our Everglades tours on YouTube. We hope you enjoy the beautiful scenery that comprise the vast Everglades! Our Everglades Adventure is our most comprehensive tour of the Everglades. Our Everglades Adventure tour includes an airboat ride on private land deep into the backwaters of the Everglades, a delicious lunch at a waterside restaurant overlooking Chokoloskee Bay, and 1.5 hour boat ride into the Ten Thousand Islands and out to the Gulf of Mexico. The Everglades Adventure leaves Naples at 8:15 a.m., and we return a little after 3:00 p.m. Reservations for our Everglades Adventure tour can be made on our secure website.


Gift Certificates are Available

Southwest Florida EcoTours has gift certificates available for the holidays as well as other special occasions. Our gift certificates make a special gift for those who love nature and the outdoors. Please call 1.239.776.9050 for this unique gift idea.